Pumpkin soup anyone?

Today I have been helping out a friend who runs the local bar. We are making preparations for the ‘Premier Fete de la Soupe’ that is taking place tommorrow.  And before you ask I have no Idea what a ‘Fete de la soupe’ entails, other than eating soup of course, but there will be a full report on that tomorrow night.

While we were sewing and chatting she asked if I would like a pumpkin. I replied in the affirmative, I like pumpkins. ” It’s quite big” says she,  “that’s OK, I like pumpkins” says I “I’ll pick it up after school”.  I should have been a little more circumspect when she said she might need a bit of help getting it into my car, but the comment passed me by.

I  wandered over to the school to assist with the afternoons activities. The classroom smelt wonderful as the kids had spent the morning making large pots of soup to contribute to the festivities. This afternoon we were making small people out of various vegetables , I’m not entirely sure what the point was, but everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway, and what wasn’t used for making people seemed to find it’s way into the stomachs of several small people, well thats  3 0f the 5 a-day accounted for  already.

So back to pick up my pumpkin, and it turns out that she wasn’t kidding, although ‘quite big’ doesn’t really cover it. What she had failed to tell me was that this particular pumpkin was the eventual winner of the ‘who can grow the biggest pumpkin’ competition held at the bar at the back end of last year, and I am now the proud owner of 17kg worth of prizewinning pumpkin.  Oh My.

A bientot.


Something new!

Welcome to my new Blog.  I have decided to try blogging in this format as I am finding it too cumbersome to blog on the main site, but don’t worry it’s still there in all it’s glory and I will update it periodically and link it here, along with news of my other ventures.

I’m hoping this way will encourage me to write more often. We shall see.

This should also make it much easier for you to comment on my posts,  be gentle with me, and see what other people have said as well.

Time to post and see how it looks.

A bientot.