ISHBOBP – Crafty Bits

(the P is silent)…. I Should Have Been On Blue Peter….

So what the jimmeny cricket is this page all about? (I hear you ask)
Well, as you asked I’ll tell you. ISHBOBP(silentP)is a page dedicated to heroic craft work. Successes as well as failures.

There have been many times when the quest to keep small person happy ( or bring her back from the precipice of tantrum ) when I have hastily whipped up a craft item for her to play with with nothing more than some cardboard, elastic bands and a healthy imagination. Not all of them have been magnificent, but for the effort at least I like to think I would have been awarded the famous and coveted Blue Peter Badge of honour.

So I intend to post the pictures here for your enjoyment/amusement/derision.

If you wish to submit any of your own efforts i would be delighted to share this page/gallery of shame and publish your pictures.

but to get the ball rolling…. ‘George NEEDS a car’

10 minutes with a box and some cellotape... GO!
George NEEDS a car… George gets a car!

There will be many more in the days that follow as I trawl my photo collection, but when it comes time to unveil the ‘Hagrid and Fang’ combo, you will be in for a treat I can tell you … but you’ll have to wait for that ‘special’ picture .


So this week in school the petit enfants have been talking time. I felt it was my duty……


Happy face clock!!!

Not so much a hobby as a full time job……

“mum, guess what’s happening at the fête du Mai? ”

” what what?” said I.

” a hobby horse race…. Can you make me one…? ”

Now that should be a challenge …… Several days and half a fluffy dressing gown later…….


The race is tomorrow. I’ll let you know who wins…….



Tis the season and all that, so here is a quick and VERY easy Christmas bunting tutorial. Fantastic to keep the kids busy for a little while too!


You will need ;

all you need is....
all you need is….

Scissors, glue stick, craft ribbon, 2 rolls of contrasting Christmas paper, a pen and a cardboard diamond template.

draw diamonds onto paper

Draw equal numbers of diamonds on to back of each roll of paper ( we used 7 of each colour)

Fold each diamond14 triangles

Fold each Diamond in half until you have a pile of triangles in front of you.

srick and fold over ribbon

Unfold each triangle and place a line of glue at the bottom of the fold line. Stick your ribbon to the glue. Place glue on the two bottom sides of the triangle, fold the top over and press edges together.

Leave a gap of a few cm between each triangle.


Now just pin it up and you are done,

You can of course make as much as you need by  adding more triangles, depending how long you need to keep the kids occupied!


7 thoughts on “ISHBOBP – Crafty Bits”

  1. I made a toy castle for my son, Joe, when he was a toddler. I used some white cardboard, scissors & sellotape. It didn’t take long, and he was quite pleased with it. Well done for improvising in such a great way! Keep up the good work!

  2. When I was small I used to hoard cardboard boxes and, when I had enough, I would make the control panel of a spaceship and, when I was a bit older, I made a cardboard stadium to go around my Subbuteo pitch. I spent hours drawing tiny little circles in biro (to represent the crowd). It was only a matter of time before I got involved in building big, nasty, horribly heavy theatre sets. It was either that or become a cardboard astronaut. Did I take the right road? I like to think so.

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