Round & Round, Up & Away

OK I’ll level with you. I haven’t managed to finish a single post for weeks.
Except for the one concerning the coup in Thailand, and that was deeply unsatisfactory for many reasons.

I have pages and pages of half finished notes that start well but seem to dribble off to nowhere. And I don’t like it when I feel like things are dribbling off to nowhere. It begins a downward spiral. first I don’t finish one, then I try to write another but because I haven’t finished the first one yet, but it nags at me. So I go back and have a look  and decide the reason I didn’t finish it is because it wasn’t very good in the first place so then I go back to my second post and by this point I will more than likely decide that it isn’t very good either so I won’t finish it. And so it goes on until I realise that so much has happened that I meant to write about that writing a new post wouldn’t really make any sense without writing a big catch up post. So I go back and look at my first unfinished post and realise it’s not very good… You can see where this is going can’t you…

But there really are things I want to write about now so here is a super quick catch up the details of which may or may not be fleshed out in the future.  

Had my hair cut really short for the first time ever; happy face.

Very emotional singing Lady at the cinema ; sad face.

The night of a thousand roaches; slightly terrified pretending to be brave face.

New neighbours playing with tambourines at 3 O’Clock in the morning; cross face.

Matilda the Hedgehog has an unexpected day at school; funny face.

So if you could just imagine that all of those are beautifully written and moving/humorous pieces which made you laugh/cry/think that would be most appreciated.

So now that we’re all caught up I can tell you that holiday time is finally here and we are sitting in a plane en route to London ( very happy face ). Well technically this plane is en route to New Delhi and a couple of hours later the next one will be going to London, but given the almost complete lack of detail in the rest in this post that seems a little over informative.  

Jer Gan Mài.


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

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