Been a long time….

Well it seems to have been a long time since ‘cakey goodness’. Not sure what happened there, life and stuff getting in the way of writing things down… Must do better… In the meantime I have another new project on the go….

As all of you know who know anything about me or who I am, I like to cook. Well I like to create and experiment in the kitchen. Sometimes the results are amazing and sometimes….not so much… But I have finally been convinced that I have something of a talent in this area and …. ( trumpets please) as of next week HillyWilly’s kitchen will be open for all.

I am launching a new recipe and food themed blog called ( you guessed it) HillyWillys kitchen where I will share my favorite recipes, with how to hints and photos. I will also be linking to my favorite foodie / cakey websites and blogs when they have something scrumptious I want to share.

So anyway, I will attempt to keep the Kitchen open and updated regularly and beat myself regularly about not blogging more…

So until next week

A bientôt.