really I am trying…

OK, so it hasn’t been the most auspicious relaunch so far, but please stick with me!

I really really am going to write more, and I’m halfway through something which I think is good and funny but to be honest with you I’m shattered.

Moo hasn’t been sleeping well and spent the last 2 nights in with me and she was all hot and sweaty and fidgity so I havent really been at full speed the last few days, and there have been pressing domestic matters to attend to as well.

OK so catching up on series 9 of SPOOKS isn’t exactly pressing, but it felt like it at the time.

Moo has been to the doctors and has been given a host of stuff to clear up the gammy ear (as it turned out to be) and hopefully will be spending more time in her own bed this week.

and I have a large warm bed all to myself and I intend to make the most of it.

I WILL be back, and I will try to be funny as well.

A Bientot.


Helloooo……. hello….

The handle was stiff, almost rusted, but she was sure it wasn’t locked. She grappled with it a few times before feeling the unwilling latch spring open. It was dark.

“helloooo, ……helloo, is there anybody in here?”

She gropes along the wall and finds the light switch

The click is almost deafening as the bare bulb hanging from the centre of the ceiling flickers, almost nervously at first, to life.

The life from the bulb seems to be the only life in the room. Furniture resting like malevolent phantoms under their dustsheet shrouds whilst the air is thick with the scent of neglect.

“hello everyone, I’m back” she calls to the emptiness, then her voice drops to a whisper ‘ did you miss me?’


So we were on this elephant in Thailand….and then some stuff happened, we did some things, went to the opening of a show, that was in Macau. Then we met up with some lovely friends and a great girl we met in Thailand on our way through London. Then when we got home there was lots of stuff going on and.. things, some good some bad. Moo went back to school – it’s all good- Hubs came home for a bit, we had soup – all good, apart from the throwing up night. Although bits of that were good. None of it related to the soup. Moo had a birthday and lost another tooth. Other way round though. She’s still brilliant of course, and vexing and now 6. Interesting times. Home is in France by the way in case you weren’t sure. It does get a little confusing at times.


Here we are and it’s almost Christmas. Did you miss me. I missed you.

There are all sorts of reasons why I haven’t been blogging, none of then good enough, but when I finally get round to writing my memoirs, skip to the chapter called ; ‘My Strange Summer in South Asia’ and we’ll be good.

There are all sorts of things fizzing away in Hillywillyworld again and I have no idea which direction any of them will take me and it’s …..good.

I will be writing as often as I can and I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. It would be great if you could use the comments box on the blog page as it helps the blog and it makes me feel nice.

I would also like you all to start spamming everyone you know with a link to the blog!! But not yet.

Time for a little house keeping first.

I will be back soon and normal-ish service will be resumed.