big trouble in little China

I’m having trouble writing. You may have noticed.

There is a lot I want to write, but not much I can.

Hub’s show is in full production mode already, 13 hour days plus dissection time at the pub afterwards, 6 days a week. I was expecting it – just not quite so soon.
They don’t call us ‘production widows’ for nothing.
Anyway I’m not allowed to talk about the production as it is more heavily policed than area 51. I did manage to get on a theatre tour and was surprised to see no evidence of a secret alien bunker or at the very least a team of highly skilled scientists searching for a breakthrough in the cure for cancer. It was a little disappointing to see that it really was just production for a show. An extremely big and complex show, yes, but just a show after all. But I’m not allowed to talk about that.

We still don’t have our passes to the apartment complex pool, but we have found out that we can just pay to go there so Moo and I have been making the most of it, and that is where you will find us most evenings. By the end of the summer she will be swimming like Ian Thorpe, well once she masters the swimming on top of the water rather than just under it bit. I really must get her a snorkel so she can breathe while she is under there.

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of AJ next week for a fortnight and have all sorts of excursions and shopping trips planned for her visit. I am desperately hoping I can show her a good time.

But really that’s it. I’m sorry if you were hoping for something more exciting, but I just cant seem to find the words at the moment.
Must try harder.

A bientôt.


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

2 thoughts on “big trouble in little China”

    1. Thank-you. Its always nice to hear that people are enjoying my words.
      I have always thought of writing a novel. It just hasn’t ever got past the thinking stage, but please feel free to pass on my details if you know any publishers!!!
      H x

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