Ready …Steady….

Are you ready?
I was born ready.
Yeah, but are you ready now?

It’s been a week of getting ready, with a little bit of get set and it’s almost time go.

It was Ready, Set and Go Go Go for Moo this week as she has taken a huge leap into the brave new world of cycling.
She has had a bike for a while now, a Barbie princess vision in pink which for some reason she decided to call Tom, a fully stabalised gift of Christmas past which has been taken out on numerous occasions for a roll or a glide, but the pedals were all but ignored. I attempted to wean her off Tom, as she was getting far too big for it, with the purchase of a second hand, bigger, non-stabilised bike which was turned pink and sparkly in order to woo her, but it was rejected and dejected and has spent almost all of its life with us sitting in the shed.
This weekend she decided it was time for Tom to brush off the cobwebs and get out and about once more. I adjusted the seat and handlebars to their fullest extent and while I had the spanner out, took of the extra wheels. Moo was fine with this and pushed herself along with her feel regardless, but the time had come.
In the time honoured parental tradition I held the saddle and handlebars and gently balanced her as she found the pedals. When she reached the end of the path and realised I had cast her off almost immediately the look on her face was absolutely priceless.
First came the shock that I had abandoned her, then came the realisation of what she had achieved.
‘Did you see me? I was riding my bike’!

Hot wheels!!

And just like that she was off. With a few assisted starts under our belts she decided that I was surplus to requirements and it was time for her and Tom to go it alone. At which point of course I rushed indoors to get the camera and took some pictures and a hasty bit of video for immediate dispatch to Hubs.

Again I marvel at the wonder and speed of communication. That I can share something as precious as that, almost instantly, with my darling husband who is on the other side of the planet is a source of utter amazement and joy. When I think of all the things he has had to miss it makes my heart glad when, although apart, we can still share the moment.
But I digress.

Moo was engrossed in her new found skill and I had to wrestle her into the house for tea, and promise more cycling the next day. I took her to the next village and set her loose in the large flat school playground, which happens to be conveniently located right next to the village pub. A happy few hours were spent drinking coffee while Moo showed off her new-found skills to anyone who happened by, whether they wanted to see them or not.

When Tuesday evening arrived I was ready for my meeting with Marion to discuss Moo’s progress in school this year. I was ready for the usual 20 minute chat and settle Moo in the sand-pit while she waited. I was not ready for the full hour briefing taking me through the recent assessment tests page by page, exercise by exercise. Suffice to say that she is doing very well, but needs to sharpen up her handwriting as it is not meeting the stringent standards set by the French government. Her handwriting is already better than mine, so I have requested a page or two of ‘proper’ French cursive script so I can learn it and continue to coach Molly. Maitress was rather disgusted when I told her that I was not taught handwriting in school, just writing, and despite valiant attempts by my parents, a page looks like there have been several large insects fighting over an ink bottle when I am done with it. Thank the lord for the keyboard.
After the meeting it was home with 2 of Moo’s friends for a sleep over. I use the word ‘sleep’ very loosely. By 10.30, and several trips upstairs by the quiet-police, all was silent, but for the alternating snores of 3 very tired children, swiftly followed by the snores of 1 very tired mummy.

Wednesday was a play day with the sleep-over friends in the morning and another school friend in the afternoon. Rather marvellously, with Moo occupied with friends all day, I managed to get a lot more done today than I normally would on a Wednesday. I even managed to give Verity a clean out while the girls were cycling round the church. Splendid.

You see I am getting ready too.

On Friday night we head off to the UK for a week with my freshly repatriated parents, then its off to Macau again to be with Hubs for the summer. So this morning was mostly spent contemplating, then ignoring, the huge pile of ‘stuff’ that has been accumulating in my room for the last couple of weeks,

From a HUGE pile of stuff.....
and this afternoon was mostly spent packing it. And re-packing it, and packing it again when I realised that although I could actually fit all our gubbins into one big case, it would have cost a small fortune in excess baggage and I could barely lift it. this. Only the X-box didnt make the cut!

But finally the packing is done, and with tomorrow as the dedicated cleaning and closing up the house day I really am very nearly close to being almost ready. Very nearly. Almost.

A Bientot.


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

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