I’m a classy bird at times, but I do scrub up well.

The storm of Thursday gave way to beautiful clear skies and hot sunshine of Friday. Mrs C and I decided to wander up to the City of Dreams and see ‘the boys’ for lunch, with a brief visit to the mermaid and a dance in front of the fountains we headed round to stage door. Master C was dispatched to the office to get lunch vouchers for the guests, and we went off to get our visitors passes. Lovely.
Then we tried to get in.
When canteen security took one look at Molly it threw them into a panic. This was not usual and no-one seemed to know if children were actually permitted in the canteen or not. With much calling on radio and mobile phones and general consternation occurring it was getting rather embarrassing and Hubs was growing increasingly cross as his lunch break was rapidly disappearing. After 5 minutes with no resolution forthcoming, we gave it up as a bad job, handed in our visitors passes and headed round the corner to another hotel. I had no idea it was going to be so complicated to get a sandwich.

The hotel round the corner happened to be The Hyatt and I felt extremely under dressed in my shorts and t-shirt combo as we walked into the plush ‘cafe’ dining area that was full of suited and booted business types. Thankfully a group of loud shirted bermuda wearing tourists arrived to spare my blushes, at least I had matching shoes on. When Mr. C arrived and the waitress already had a particular kind of tea ready for him, I guessed they had been here a few times before so began to relax a little and feel a little less out of place.
The staff were attentive and my Ceaser salad was delicious, but I’m extremely grateful to Mr and Mrs C for picking up the bill.

When ‘the boys’ had all gone back to work Mrs C and I took Molly for a slow stroll down to old town enjoying the sights and sounds and brand new short cuts we found along the way. Moo was enchanted to see a couple having their wedding pictures taken in the park and was loudly admiring the brides candy pink frilly frock whilst I silently prayed that by the time she gets married she may have developed a more…..subtle taste in gowns.
By the time we reached the town square we were all rather hot and sweaty but as luck would have it there just so happens to be a Haagen Daas cafe located over the road. How fortunate, and not at all what I had in mind all along oh no, just a happy coincidence. After a restorative two scoops we decided it was high time we found a park for Moo as she had been very patient with all our wanderings. Luckily there seems to be a playground every 500 meters or so, and it didn’t take long for Moo too be running around climbing frames and tumbling down slides. Mrs C. and I adopted a supervisory approach to the park experience and took up vantage points where we could keep a good eye on small one as she frolicked. What a stroke of luck they happened to be rather nice sunny spots suitable for a little ‘bathe-ing’.

After an hour or so it was almost time to go and meet ‘the gang’ after work in the R Bar. Much more comfortable surroundings with large sofas comfy cushions and waitresses in t-shirts rather than suits. We still had a little time to wait so a G&T was ordered and a chat was had. When Hubs arrived it turned out that we were still waiting for a few more people to arrive, so another G&T magically appeared in front of me. By the time the next few people arrived it became clear we would be here a little while so food was ordered for Moo, and more drinks arrived for the grown ups. It was a merry little gathering and it was nice to catch up with a few of the folks from Antwerp and chew the fat.

A couple of hours and many drinks had passed and people started to drift away, and when I tried to stand up I realised it was all a bit wobbly. Oops. I made it to the taxi without incident, but the ride home was like something from a science fiction film. My head was swimming and the lights of the passing traffic all had trails, like in those artistic night-time city pictures, but there was nothing pretty about this picture. We made it to the hotel and I stumbled out of the cab and , thankfully past reception and round to the lifts. It was at this point, I am ashamed to admit, I fell over in spectacular fashion and banged my head rather hard on the wall, not that I noticed at the time as it took Hubs to revive me and manhandle me back to the apartment. I was dispatched to the bedroom with stern ‘sleep it off’ and I went and did just that. My utter embarrassment was complete when I was later told that it was only around 8.30 pm.
Thankfully hubs was later able to see the funny side and a bout of relentless teasing has begun, and I have learnt a painful lesson, Sitting out in the sun, not eating very much and copious amounts of gin are not a good combination. I also need to remember that its a very long time since the days I used to go out and I just can’t do that any more. I have promised to be on my best behaviour from now on. Let’s see how that goes.

Saturday came around and with no hangover to speak of, but a painful lump nonetheless, we set off for the markets of Macau. I have been here a week and a half and this was the first time I would actually cross the water to the other Island. This was more like I had expected with busy streets and hoards of people dashing in and out of the tiny shops. But still there were the surprises of the brightly coloured, very European, open ‘town squares’ and park land. Its a place full of surprises.
We were initially looking for a gift for Hubs’ boss and his wife, Mrs. C, who were hosting a dinner to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary that evening, and dipped in and out of the many antique shops. A few of them were well outside the budget, but fascinating still. The history of a place can be seen writ large in these kind of shops and with a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese, Buddhist and catholic alongside the maritime paraphernalia, it’s an antiquers heaven. We settled on a modest 100year old varnished cherry wood spice basket, but I have no doubt that Hubs will be haunting those shops for his own treasures very soon.

With a gift secured we set off in the direction of the ‘Three Lamps’ district, renowned for it’s street markets and bargain priced clothes. The packed streets were a hive of activity, and I would imagine you could find just about anything you ever dreamed of there, as for me, I scored some lovely shorts, a t-shirt for Moo and Hubs got a nice shirt for this evenings do. I could have wandered round for hours, but we were not even half done when Moo’s tired legs, (and the urgent need to get home and play with her new ‘Ben 10 car’, got the better of us all and we headed back. I will return.

All of a sudden there didn’t seem much time and after a hasty brush up we headed out to a very posh hotel for the anniversary party. I think the word that would best describe the evening is sumptuous. From the cushioned rattan chairs and ceiling fans of the covered terrace, to the 5 star barbecued buffet, and I haven’t even mentioned yet that there was a choice of 8 puddings. Eight. Well when I say a choice of 8 we were free to mix and match from the 8, and rest assured I mixed and matched well. I should really speak here about the frighteningly efficient staff I think you must have to have some kind of extra sensory powers to work there as every time I went to move there was someone ready to pull out my chair and fold my napkin for me, and yet all done in an eerily understated manner to suggest they weren’t even there. ‘The ghost waiters of the Westin Resort’.
After the meal, and after Moo had been holding court to half the guests, came the coffee and cigars for the chaps and the ladies gathered at the tables over coffee. How terribly. I’m ever so glad we went ‘scrubbed up’ as there were no bermuda shorted visitors to ease my discomfort in this location. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening, beats listening to cows that’s for sure and it’s most definately better than banging your head against a wall.

A bientot


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

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