Pâques and Packing

Well already Easter has come and gone, and I’m not entirely sure how the last couple of weeks have passed so quickly.

Easter was a grand occasion this year spanning many days of celebration and confectionery.
Although I was ‘outed’ as the Easter bunny the previous evening by my shrewd daughter, JJ and I still had a great time finding hiding places for all the bunny’s gifts and Moo was treated to a fine indoors Easter egg hunt. She was thrilled with the number of small eggs that were secreted about the place, not only of the chocolate variety, but also some containing small plastic animals. The best one however contained a picture. It was a picture of a wardrobe with a present in the bottom. Moo rather cunningly deduced that it was her wardrobe and headed upstairs immediately to discover the most exquisite, and thoroughly pink, princess dress that had been made for her by JJ. Rapturous would understating the emotion and it has been a struggle getting her out of it since. It is safe to say that by now most people in the area have been made aware of the fact that ‘her English friend who is visiting made her the best pink dress that has ever been made in the world, ever!’

With the egg hunt pronounced to be over we settled in for a day of Easter crafts and delicious food. Many eggs were decorated and much food was consumed.

The following day we headed out for a walk and a picnic and I introduced JJ to a whole new world of Easer fun with a spot of egg rolling.
I was astounded to find out that JJ knew nothing of egg rolling, and although I’m sure she thought we were quite mad, we proceeded to hurl out decorated eggs down a nearby hill waiting to proclaim the winner as the one that got the furthest before cracking.

I really can’t remember the reason we roll our eggs down hills but I do have many happy childhood memories of the family competitions we used to have on Easter Sunday afternoons. After regaling JJ with these tales I was beginning to wonder if it was perhaps something that only our family indulged in and that I had assumed was known the world over. I was most relieved to find the evidence if broken coloured eggshell fragments at the bottom of the hill to corroborate my stories.
And just for your information, my egg was the first to crack and JJ’s was a close runner up to the jubilant Moo.

After Pâques it was time to pack.
The trip to Macau is at last looming large and my determination to be organised led to the start of the week being dedicated to packing my carefully chosen holiday wardrobe and assorted gubbins into the smallest available space . You see I had this brilliant idea that we would dispense with the need for a large suitcase and the bother of checked luggage by only taking one cabin sized bag each. Each shopping foray has had this notion at the forefront and many an item has been rejected on the grounds of it’s inability to fold small enough. I was a woman on a mission, and the mission was accomplished with a tiny bit of room to spare, even with 4 pairs of shoes. The bag of wonder had once again come into it’s own. (to read more about my wonderful bag – yes I really did write a piece about my bag – click HERE ) There are not many things you will find me blowing my own trumpet about, but when it comes to packing, I am ace. I was feeling rather smug and was just about to begin on Moo’s bag when I had a nagging thought to re-check the luggage allowance. As soon as I saw that this particular airline’s hand luggage criteria was based on size AND weight, my plans unravelled before me.
Whilst I can render most suitcases tardis like in their capacity, I still haven’t mastered the art of making the items weigh any less, and with my, completely necessary, 4 pairs of shoes there was no way in the world my bag would make the desired limit.
Off the the garage to dig out the old faithful enormous suitcase and face the fact that this time, my trusty cabin bag might have to stay home. Ah well.

Still, by Tuesday afternoon we were all packed and ready, with only a few last minute purchases to go in. Moo had decided that as mummy got to have some new holiday shoes, surely she should have some too. I can’t fault the girls logic.

Today has been spent with JJ giving the house the start of the last pre-holiday ‘once over’ clean. Lawns have been mowed, windows have been cleaned and carpets have been hoovered. Tomorrow we are heading out to pick up the last of JJ’s shopping and late on Saturday night we are heading to the UK for a couple of days before flying to Hong Kong. Weeks of waiting will finally be over and in just 6 sleeps time I will be in the strong loving arms of my Hubby.
And they will need to be strong to lift this enormous suitcase.

A Bientôt.


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

2 thoughts on “Pâques and Packing”

  1. I don’t actually get to London till Tuesday evening, but I will wave on the way past on Sunday Morning. I have high hopes for the summer though….!
    I am actually amazed at the number of people who have never ‘egg rolled’. I thought everybody did it. But Thank google for my sanity – even the president of America does it on the white house lawn, so we are in illustrious company – although I’m sure our family version is much more competative!!!!

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