A quiet but busy week-end

After the length of the last 2 epic posts I shall keep this one brief. Well I’ll try.

After the drama of the last couple of days I am extremely pleased to report that all in Hillywillys world have had a very quiet couple of days, with very little to report and, as yet, no repeat viewings of BOD have been required. Friday is the day that Moo stays at school for lunch and with a head thick with fatigue, I was having trouble concentrating. At around 11 o’clock I decided that the most sensible course of action was to have a little ‘Nana nap’ of ’40 winks’ or so . My body quite obviously decided that 40 was nowhere near enough winks and it was around 3pm when I finally awoke. Oops. When there was a knock at the back door my heart sunk a little as I know it is only my next door neighbours who have access to the back of the house, but at least a knock was progress. Mr. A was there looking, in all honesty, pretty dreadful and extremely vacant. I guess he managed to get a clinic appointment today as he always gets that far-away but happy look after they dose him up on whatever concoction of pharmaceuticals they are ‘treating’ him with this time. I just hope this time the chemicals are not the only solution they offer him He was handing me a plate of freshly baked muffins and an apology, both of which I accepted.

With barely enough time to eat one of the aforementioned muffins, (although I womanfully struggled to make the required amount), it was off to pick up an exhausted Moo from school. Today had been their day for ‘Nature walks’ at the school and by the look of her they had taken in a lot of nature. With her clothes stripped and in the washing machine she could barely keep her eyes open through tea and went to bed early with none of the usual fuss. At the next school council meeting I will most defiantly be putting my hand up for more of these ‘nature days’. Despite my rather lengthy ‘nap’ earlier in the day it wasn’t too long before I was ready to reconnect with my electric blanket and I drifted off into a heavy dreamless sleep. Bliss.

Saturday arrived with a wonderful surprise waiting for me at the front door. A beautiful bouquet of 3 dozen white roses from my wonderful Hubby. What a fantastic way to start the day.

With heavy skies full of impending rain, the pop-up tunnel and play tent were hastily erected in the living room, and we had a day of indoor exploring fun. When not discovering the hidden secrets places that lay in the land behind the sofa, I was desperately trying to finish my latest sewing project. Moo had decided that George, her most beloved bear, really needed some clothes for his impending trip with us to see Hubs, but not just any clothes, what he really needed was a suit. We managed to reach a compromise of trousers and a waistcoat, and I reached for the remnants of the pinstripe fabric I had used to make some curtains with last week. Now that George’s suit was all finished and he was looking very dapper, Moo decided that really Travel Bear should have some clothes too as he was also coming with us to Macau. Travel Bear has already been across the globe without the need for much in the way of fashion accessories, but apparently now it was a necessity, (to read all about the adventures of Mr T Bear click HERE – and you will find him near the bottom of the page.). Hmm, I think I’m being taken for a bit of a mug you know. I made preparations for another suit, but Yves St L’Moo decided he should have something a bit ‘younger looking and funkier than George’. Living in France seems to be having a profound effect on that young lady. One fleecy leisure suit later and I was sure I was done, as the clouds had passed we took ‘the boys’ out for a stroll round the village to show off their new duds.

When I was tucking Moo up into bed tonight she just happened to mention that ‘wasn’t it a shame that the boys didn’t have any pyjamas of their own….’. I cant wait to see the look on her face when she comes downstairs in the morning to find 2 brand new bear sized nightshirts.

A bientĂ´t.


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

2 thoughts on “A quiet but busy week-end”

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    Sorry to hear about Chimney, Moo sounds such a level headed girl you must be really proud of her.

    I bet you can’t wait to get over to Macau, especially with the situation at home – not what you need when you are on your own.

    Take care of yourself and love to Moo and Hubs


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