That was the week…..

Departure day started with a frantic dash round the shops in the morning to try and find a new Lap-top bag for Hubs as he had realised that now he has a big wheelie case, a secondary wheelie bag was not the best of ideas. With that particular mission accomplished, and a new pair of canvas steel toe caps that somehow made it into the basket, it was home for lunch, a quick play then a return visit to Le Mans deposit hubs at the station and take Moo for her traditional ‘Daddy’s gone away’ Happy meal. The indoor play area was thankfully quiet, but with enough small people for her to have playmates. The drive home was starting to get a little on the sad side, but once again mother nature pulled one out of the bag for me. Well two actually. The heavy grey storm clouds parted for just long enough to provide my favourite meteorological phenomenon, an astonishingly bright double rainbow.
Less than 24hrs. Later, by the power of web cam, we were being treated to a virtual guided tour of hubs new digs on Taipa island and I have to say I’m impressed. Given that the view from the hotel window in Antwerp was a decrepit ‘white’ brick wall, I can only say this is a vast improvement. On one side, across a long bridge connecting the islands, you can see the shimmering outlines of the casinos of Macau , and on the other side , across the water, is mainland China, and if you can put a mental block on the gun turrets – to discourage any attempts at illegal immigration – it looks quite beautiful. I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. 7 weeks and counting.
It’s sometimes hard to concentrate on the present when all of your thoughts are dominated by the future.
But here and now it was time to get on with the rest of our week. The weather has been awful this week, so we have been confined to barracks for most of it, trying to come up with time filling activities that would keep us both relatively sane. When Moo decided that one of her Barbie dolls really needed a ninja suit, I dusted off the sewing machine and rose to the occasion. Then of course Moo came to the conclusion that she herself was in dire need of a ninja suit, so I pulled out a some large bits of spare fabric, and a ninja suit she had. Although I’m not entirely sure that the ninja chiefs would entirely approve of the floral patchwork pattern, but you never know It might catch on.
We had a break from the rain on Saturday Morning and I took full advantage and insisted that we get out for a walk. The destination was to be the plage. It has been months since we have been to the lake, and I hadn’t realised how much I had missed it’s stillness and beauty. It was still cold and windy, but the sun made a brief appearance and watching the light dance on the rippling surface of the water lightened my heart and my mood considerably. The weather started to turn once more so we headed back home for a cosy afternoon and a roast dinner. We spoke to Hubs and learned that his ‘house mate’ had arrived, and although jet-lagged and bleary eyed, he was taking him out to show him the sights, and the bars, of the island. Whilst my heart longs to be with him, (my head does not envy the inevitable hangover they will have in the morning), I am also slowly learning to appreciate much more what is around me now, and enjoy it, rather than wishing I was somewhere else.
A bientot.

As a P.S. to this post, I knew I should have posted this before I went to sleep on Saturday, (see the following post for the reason), but that will just have to go on the list with all the other things I knew I should have done!


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

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