Cat – tastrophe, part 1

We arrived home on Saturday evening tired but happy, knowing that although the house was clean, it was going to be extremely cold for at least a couple of hours till we had the chance to warm it up again, but we had jumpers and we were all prepared for that. We were not in the least bit prepared for what else we found when we got into the house. After struggling all the bags through the door and switching on lights I noticed Chimney coming very gingerly downstairs. It was good to see her as she had been a little off colour on the Thursday before I left, but had seemed to pick up after a long sleep and a hearty meal on Saturday and then she disappeared off through the window to wherever it is she disappears off too ,and I didn’t see her again before we left on Sunday morning, but that is nothing too strange. Our neighbours look after Chimney when we go off on our travels making sure she is fed and watered when she re-appears form her night time adventures, and there have never been any problems. Then I saw the note taped to the living room door. It stated that our poor little cat has been extremely ill, and they were so concerned that they had taken her to the vets. They had tried to call me that morning but couldn’t get through, thanks to me using up all my credit on futile phone calls to rail companies the previous afternoon. I went straight next door, consumed by guilt, to find out what had happened. It turns out that little Chimney had been missing till Friday evening when the neighbours had found her curled up in their house. It wasn’t till she tried to get up that they realised something was wrong as she could barely move her head, let alone her body. They tried to give her a drink and some food, but to no avail, and made her as comfortable as they could for the night. By the morning they were in no doubt that she needed to go to the Vet and off they went. The vet examined her and finding her close to starvation with a soaring temperature and lumps covering the inside of her mouth and throat, gave her an injection of anti-biotics and a vitamin shot. They wanted to keep her in and do a blood test as the vet suspected FIV (feline AIDS) but the neighbours did not feel they could do that without us knowing so brought her home with another injection for the morning, and that’s where we walked in.
We made her comfortable and did a bit of internet scouring to check her symptoms against what the vet had said. It did not look at all good for poor little Chim. FIV is manageable, but incurable, cats can live for years with FIV on vast amounts of medication and a strict indoor only policy. However by the time the symptoms manifest in growths and sores it is usually to late to do anything to make the cat’s life anything approaching pain free or bearable. I don’t think either of us realised just how much she had instigated herself in our clan until that moment when we had to agree that if the diagnosis were positive then the right thing to do would be to have her put to sleep. I cannot imagine a life for Chimney constantly dosed up on medication and being forced to stay inside for the rest of her life. She has been an outdoor cat since the day the vet gave her the all clear after her first op, and the thought of seeing her scratching at the windows and longing to climb a tree was too much to bear. As I put Moo to bed hubs had one last try with a spoonful of soft pate and some milk, and she managed to keep a tiny bit down, but not nearly enough.
Sleep did not come easy that night, but at least tomorrow she was going back to the vet’s.
A Bientot.


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

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