Bendy people and braids

Thursday was the day we were scheduled to go and see, in the words of Moo, “the bendy people”. Yes it was off to the Alphacam studios in Lint to see the acrobats and divers that make up the cast of ‘The House of Dancing Water’, the show that hubs has been rehearsing for the last lifetime or so. For those of you who don’t know I think I should make it clear that Hubs is not one of ‘the bendy people’, but the senior automation programmer for the show ( in layman’s terms – flinging the bendys around at vast heights and speeds with the aid of computers motors, and winches). We visit as often as we can when we are in Belgium as not only does it give Moo a much clearer picture of what her father does when he is away from home all this time, (as you can see my description above, although relatively accurate, is not terribly technical), but also because a fair proportion of the bendys are quite a pretty distraction for mummy to look at. The company are so welcoming and are always pleased to see us and make us feel part of the ‘Dragone family’. It’s wonderful for me as I still get a taste of the lifestyle without having to be directly involved in proceedings, thus avoiding the inevitable bits of unpleasantness that occur. I also get to look at bendy people in swimwear, did I already mention that? I’m not allowed to say too much about what goes on inside the studios as it’s all very hush-hush till the show opens but if you want a small taster I can recommend looking at this web page ‘house of dancing water preview’
After an hour or so Moo got a little bored of watching people being propelled towards the roof on bungee cords at a heart stopping 8 metres per second, and the lure of shopping became to much for her, so we said a fond farewell to our friends (for about 7 weeks anyway) and headed back to town. The only purchase Moo was interested in was a ‘Hannah Montana hair braiding machine’ that she had spotted earlier in the week, so off for a brief stop in town before heading back to the hotel for a spot of coiffage. Up until now Moo has shown little interest in her hair , and would run screaming at the sight of a hairbrush preferring to sport the ‘stig of the dump/scarecrow’ look, so anything that might give me a slim chance at getting near her with a comb has got to be a good thing. Her fascination with Hannah Montana has a curious beginning, She has never seen her on TV, never heard her sing and has no Idea really who she is other than a face on a pair of pyjamas. She got the PJ’s from her Nana at Christmas, a killer combination of black, pink and glitter was enough to woo any small girlie, and as she has just started trying to read by herself it was not long before she had a name to go with the face. And it was not long again before she decided to model her hair on the famous Disney star’s PJ portrait. When Hubs spotted a Moo sized Hannah Montana back print leather jacket in C&A, he just couldn’t resist, and now just about everything that is branded is fair game, and she still hasn’t seen her on TV. Lord help me when she does. So it was back to the room with a braider and a box of beads. I’m not sure if my braiding skills are quite up to the standard shown on the packaging, but with a little practice…..
Hubs had an unexpected early finish and arrived back amidst bead chaos, and began to pack while we finished off the hairdressing. It is a big pack for hubs this time as he is leaving Belgium for good this weekend. His rehearsals are over, although the bendys continue there till April, he get a couple of days off then flies to Macau to prepare the casino theatre for the arrival and final creation of the show. I’m fairly certain that after 14 months he will be glad to see the back of Antwerp and this hotel room in particular, and I know for sure that he can’t wait to get to Macau and start programming what will be the biggest show of the year. But most of all he just wants to spend a few days at home, in his own bed, even if it is just to remind himself what it looks like before his next 6 months away.
A bientot.


Author: hillywillyworld

Living as an 'ex-pat' in Thailand with my daughter Moo and sometimes my Hubby too (when he is not bringing home the bacon from Macau). Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's confusing. Most of the time it's just...random. Join me as I struggle and giggle my way through this thing called life.

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